RNF Skinner


My poetry is broad in its appeal, ranging from frogs to God by way of Dartmoor, the chemistry laboratory, psychotherapy, van Gogh, falcons, chess and the peculiar characteristics of time.

An ‘accomplished reader of his work,’ I am ‘always entertaining and good at handling an audience. There’s more laughter at a Skinner evening than at some other readings I’ve attended. Which is not to decry him as a serious poet, which he definitely is, but the work… is never pompous.’ (Event South-West)

Richard Skinner Exeter Poet Poetry Reading

Poetry Collections (as ‘Richard Skinner’)

Leaping & Staggering* Dilettante, 1988; 1996

In the Stillness* Dilettante, 1990

Is the Clock Slow a Little Up*† Dilettante, 1990

The Melting Woman* Blue Button Press, 1993

Still Staggering…* Dilettante, 1995

Echoes of Eckhart* Cairns/Arthur James, 1998

The Logic of Whistling*† Cairns, 2002

Invocations Wild Goose Publications, 2005

A Brief Poetry of Time Oversteps, 2016

Colliding With God Wild Goose Publications, 2017

The Colour of Water Dilettante Publications, 2023

[*out of print; †copies available from the author while stocks last]

Richard Skinner Poetry Collection
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